These are the rules that we have at this wiki.Be sure to follow them or face a ban.Follow these rules.

  1. No stealing.Do not steal other peoples fan carecters or fanfics with out permission.This is a majoir rule that is at this wiki.This will earn you a week of ban
  2. No cusing.You can only cuss in fanfics,And do not cuss to much in the fan fic.It will get your page removed.Also do not cuss a other users.That will earn you 3 days and 12 hours of a ban.
  3. NO HENTAI!!! This will earn you a 6 mounth ban.No hentai or pornigraphic images here.There is a 50/100 chance that a 7 year old child might join.We will not let a young kid get tramatize.
  4. No pointless deletions.Do not dellete peoples pages for dum reasons or to be big jerks.I wen't threw alot at the creepy pasta wiki.We will get to something similar in the next rule.
  5. Ban all creepypasta users.That might be cruel but evreyone at that wiki are cyper bullys.They shall not drain away your fandom of P.I.M.P.
  6. No cyperbulling.Cyper bullying will get you banned for a day or 2.Cyper bullying is mean and will never be alowed here.
  7. Do not chang peoples articles.Do not take out cartoon vilonce or PG-13 stuff from fanfics.I had this happen to a fanfic I wrote at the older Puppy in my pocke fannon wiki.If theres cartoon vilonce on a fanfic.LEAVE IT. If the fan fic starts to describe in detail of sexual actions or of intenste gore delete the page (tell the creator first) or remove it.

Now have fun.