• Sorry for getting a bit crazy at the random show crossover wiki. I just got jealous how matjizzticks did something i was gonna do. iI am pretty sure your getting tired of my flipping out and wan't to break up with me But I still wanted to say I am sorry

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    • It's okay, I understand the situation completely¬†:) I wondered why on earth Matijevic did something like that, and now I'm guessing he's doing the copycat thing again

      In fact, I would've flipped out as well (I would be really mad) if some girl sent you something I wanted to do, so you don't have to apologise and think I'm deciding to break up, because Matijevic is the one who should say sorry for trying to take all the credit for doing something you wanted to do in the first place ^^

      You can stay calm now <3 I realised you wanted to give me a true gift, but Matijevic did it for attention and not for me

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      I am a dumbass
      03:06, February 20, 2015
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    • Sorry about yesturday in chat...Idk what came over me.I usually stop myself from asking questions like that.

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